How Motorcycle Helmet Laws Affect Personal Injury Claims (Part A)

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Motorcycle and bicycle accident claims are usually far more serious than car accident claims. This is because the injuries are generally much more severe as a result less protection from the accident. It’s not that being in a car or similar vehicle is always safer, but when your entire body is exposed to the elements, things can go very wrong, very quickly. Bicycle and motorcycle helmet laws are different in every state, and may affect the claim that you are filing with the help of a Jefferson County injury attorney. 

Get to Know the Law 

In Kentucky, there are helmet law requirements for motorcycles. Motorcycle riders are subject to wearing a helmet if they are: 

  • under 21(operator or passenger);
  • riding with a permit; and/or
  • licensed for less than one (1) year. 

As you can see, Kentucky is very lenient compared to some states, especially when you consider that not wearing a helmet may cause so much damage or cost riders their lives. In fact, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, helmets protect motorcycle riders against fatal injuries 37% more than not wearing one. Motorcycle passengers protect themselves from fatality 41% more. 

How Motorcycle Helmet Laws Affect Your Personal Injury Case 

If you suffer injury in an accident, and you were not wearing a helmet while on your motorcycle, you may be surprised at how it affects your personal injury claim. Understanding how helmet use may influence your personal injury case may make you think twice before not wearing your helmet. To find out more, contact a Jefferson County injury lawyer at Gray and White Law today -1-888-450-4456. 

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