How Machinery and Equipment Can Cause Kentucky Boat Accidents

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You watched helplessly as the operator of your boat did everything he could to keep you safe. The person in charge of operating the vessel was diligent, sober, and alert. Nothing that he did contributed to the horrific accident on the Ohio River, or to the injuries you suffered in that accident. Yet, the boat operator was not able to control the vessel or prevent the resulting crash, capsizing, or other accident that left you with serious injuries.

Why Did it Happen?

A serious boating accident can occur on the Ohio River, Lake Cumberland, or any other Kentucky waterway because of a problem with the machinery or equipment on the boat. National statistics from the U.S. Coast Guard indicate that in 2013:

  • 131 accidents, 4 deaths, and 28 injuries occurred because of an engine failure.
  • 42 accidents and 5 injuries occurred because of an electrical system failure.
  • 29 accidents, 3 deaths, and 17 injuries were caused by a steering system failure.
  • 26 accidents and 5 injuries occurred because of a shift failure.
  • 24 accidents and 11 injuries occurred because of a fuel system failure
  • 24 accidents, 1 death, and 2 injuries occurred because of an auxiliary equipment failure.
  • 23 accidents and 9 injuries occurred because of a throttle failure.

Other kinds of machinery and equipment problems also resulted in accidents, injuries, and deaths.

What to Do If You’re Hurt or Your Loved One Dies in This Type of Boat Accident

If you believe that machinery or equipment caused your boat accident injuries, or your loved one’s death, then it is important to contact an experienced boat accident lawyer as soon as possible. Evidence needs to be preserved and the boat should not be fixed before a full investigation takes place.

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