July 2014

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My mother’s nursing home has not been taking my calls since my mom died. Why?

We can’t answer for the nursing home staff or tell you exactly why someone else is failing to return your call. However, we can tell you generally why a nursing home might not want to talk to you and, even more importantly, what you can…

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Four Questions You Should Ask After a Fatal Nursing Home Fire

This shouldn’t have happened—your mother should not have died an agonizing death because of a fire in the Louisville nursing home that was supposed to keep her safe. Now you may be wondering if her death could have been avoided. Ask the Right Questions to…

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How to Know If a Fatal Nursing Home Fire Was Caused by Neglect

It’s hard to imagine a scene that is more horrific. Your loved one, who was not able to care for herself, died when a fire broke out at her Louisville nursing home. The staff was not able to evacuate her in time and she died…

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Are all deadly boat accidents in Kentucky caused by negligent boat operators?

No. Not every fatal boat accident in Kentucky is caused by the negligence of a boat operator. However, boat operator negligence is a factor that should be considered as a possible cause of a fatal accident on the Ohio River, on Lake Cumberland, or on…

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What Boat Operators Do Could Kill You

There are many reasons for fatal boat accidents. It is possible that an equipment problem could cause a fatal accident on the Ohio River or that someone else’s wake could cause a fatal accident on Lake Cumberland. However, it is more likely that a boat…

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How to Avoid a Deadly Boat Accident in Kentucky This Summer

Are you thinking about going out on the Ohio River, Lake Cumberland, or another Kentucky river or lake this summer? Are you ready to enjoy the warm breeze, the companionship of your friends, and a relaxing day on the water? Don’t Miss Out Because of…

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