Blanket Reduce Disability Death in Oxygen-Deprived Newborns

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When a baby is deprived oxygen, it can lead to serious injuries, including permanent brain damage. However, a cooling blanket may be able to help prevent disability and death

A research team found that when a newborn has experienced a brain injury, lowering their body temperature immediately after birth it may reduce the chance of disability and death by more than 15%. A more recent study also showed that after 6 to 7 years of life, the brain continued to be protected. 

The process of cooling the body was done with a blanket, which lowered body temperature to 92.3 Fahrenheit. The body was kept at this temperature for 72 hours. 

Liability When a Newborn Is Deprived of Oxygen 

If a newborn is deprived oxygen, it may be the result of medical negligence. There are signs of which doctors should be aware that may indicate the baby is oxygen deprived. Failing to recognize and treat those signs could allow them to be held liable. 

During labor and delivery, doctors should ensure the mother and child are properly monitored. If there are signs of distress, appropriate measures should be taken. 

Oxygen deprivation in a newborn can lead to: 

  • learning difficulties;
  • speech problems;
  • memory loss;
  • inability to concentrate; and
  • other complications.  


Contacting a Louisville Birth Injury Lawyer 

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