June 2012

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Why Are People Dying From Taking a Blood Thinner in Kentucky?

Recent news reports have raised concerns that there are serious health risks associated with taking a certain anticoagulant. Typically prescribed to the elderly as a medication to prevent strokes in patients with irregular heartbeats, this blood thinner has also been tied to serious cases of…

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Attorney Explains Requirements for Louisville Medication Error Claim

Before you pursue a medication error claim against your healthcare provider in Kentucky, your case will need to meet a few basic conditions to prove medical malpractice. For further information pertaining to your claim, contact a Louisville medication error attorney. Medical malpractice spans childbirth injuries,…

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Drug Overdoses: A Medication Error that May Need the Help of a Louisville, KY Malpractice Attorney (Part A)

You hear about car accident deaths almost every day. What you do not hear about as often are drug overdoses, but in fact, annual fatal drug overdose rates exceed yearly car accident deaths. In 2009, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that…

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Louisville Medical Malpractice Lawyer Discusses Medication Overdose

There are a lot of different causes of medication overdose and knowing the cause of the issue can be the key to getting the resolution that you deserve. Most patients don’t question the judgment of their doctors and nurses, which may sometimes lead to serious…

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Louisville Medical Malpractice Lawyer Discusses Medication Overdose in Children (Part B)

Different Types of Medication Overdose¬† Medication overdose can occur in many stages of the medical care process, including in the end when it becomes your responsibility to give your child the medicine they need. In any medication error claim, those at fault may attempt to…

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Nursing Home Abuse Statistics

While many nursing homes take good care of their residents, some nursing homes do not. The National Center on Elder Abuse estimates 30 percent of nursing homes have had incidents of nursing home abuse, whether by staff or other residents. Before making the decision to…

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