June 2012

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Protecting Louisville Children from Acetaminophen Medication Errors

Acetaminophen is a frequently used pain reliever for children, but a medication error on the part of a doctor or pharmacy can result in serious injury and even death. In Louisville, a medical malpractice lawyer can help you sort through the causes of your child’s…

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Are insurance companies tougher on motorcycle accidents in Kentucky?

Unfortunately, insurance companies are tougher on motorcycle accidents than passenger vehicle collisions. In fact, some insurance companies often automatically assume that the motorcyclist was responsible for the accident. This is because, in some part, of the misconception that all motorcycle riders are dangerous and reckless. …

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Did a defective part cause your Kentucky motorcycle accident?

Determining whether a defective part was responsible for your Kentucky motorcycle accident can be difficult, especially if you are not a mechanic. However, there are a few key indications that something may have been wrong with your bike and not with your riding ability or…

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When a Kentucky Motorcycle Accident Results from Manufacturer Defects (Part B)

Filing a Motorcycle Accident Claim against the Manufacturer  To file an injury claim against the manufacturer, you should first obtain the representation of a Kentucky personal injury attorney who has experience with motorcycle accident cases. Your attorney can conduct a search to determine if any…

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When a Kentucky Motorcycle Accident Results from Manufacturer Defects (Part A)

Kentucky motorcycle accidents aren’t only caused by reckless drivers; sometimes manufacturer defects can make a motorcycle dangerous to ride, resulting in a serious collision. If you were involved in a motorcycle accident resulting in injuries and believe that a defective part or design was responsible,…

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Child Killed in Meade County, Kentucky Car Accident

May 26, 2012 – Meade County, Ky. – According to a news report on WDRB, a car accident has claimed the life of a child and seriously injured 2 others on Tuesday, May 22. The car accident occurred around 11:25 a.m. on Kentucky 228. According…

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