When a Kentucky Motorcycle Accident Results from Manufacturer Defects (Part B)

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Filing a Motorcycle Accident Claim against the Manufacturer 

To file an injury claim against the manufacturer, you should first obtain the representation of a Kentucky personal injury attorney who has experience with motorcycle accident cases. Your attorney can conduct a search to determine if any of your parts were recalled by the manufacturer. 

He or she can also identify any other potential defendants or insurance companies that may be involved in your case. In some cases, a lawyer may choose to work with an accident reconstruction specialist. This expert will return to the accident scene to gather evidence and evaluate your motorcycle for any recalled or faulty parts. 

After his or her investigation, the accident reconstruction specialist can piece together the events and causes of the collision in order to help your claim. When you file a claim against the manufacturer, it is important to remember that you are responsible for proving that they were responsible. 

For this reason, you should keep detailed notes regarding your accident and continuously document your injuries and medical treatment. By doing so, you can establish that the manufacturer should be held accountable for your incident. 

In Kentucky, the statute of limitations for a product liability case is 1 year. If you fail to file your motorcycle accident claim against the manufacturer before the deadline has passed, you will lose your right to take legal action in order to seek a settlement. Avoid waiting until the last minute to submit your claim; if you make any errors, you may be unable to file in time. 

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