Medication Errors

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How Chemotherapy Patients Can Prevent Dangerous Drug Errors

Chemotherapy isn’t optional; you need to receive chemotherapy to prevent the cancer from spreading. You need it to save your life. However, chemotherapy involves dangerous drugs that—if given incorrectly—have the potential to kill. Accordingly, it is important to know what you can do to help…

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Why Iclusig Studies Suddenly Stopped in October 2013

December 2012 was a time of great promise for some leukemia patients. It was just under a year ago that the FDA approved Ariad Pharmaceuticals’ drug Iclusig for clinical trials to treat two rare forms of leukemia. 10 Months Later the Hope Was Halted When…

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What You Can Do to Prevent a Kentucky Medication Error

There are many ways to try and prevent a Kentucky medication error from occurring. However, when it comes to your health, you are at the mercy of many other people including doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and drug manufacturers. Because complete control is impossible, your best line…

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5 Reasons Why Kentucky Medication Errors May Be on the Rise

In today’s world, we are often taught to trust that our health care providers are knowledgeable and have our best interests at heart. While this may be true, even honest and caring physicians do sometimes make mistakes. Patients may suffer injuries as a result. One…

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Kentucky Medical Malpractice Lawyer Warns Women About Migraine Meds

You may have heard of a case where someone suffered a severe side effect after taking prescription medication.  Perhaps the doctor prescribed the wrong drug to the patient. Maybe the pharmacy filled the prescription with the wrong medication.  Maybe the medication was prescribed and filled…

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Reduce Your Risk of a Medication Error at Jewish Hospital in Kentucky

Many patients have little choice in whether they want to undergo surgery. When they are told a procedure is necessary, they trust their doctors and nurses to care for them, relying on them not to make a mistake while they are unconscious. However, it is…

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