June 2015

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The Symptoms and Stages of Leiomyosarcoma and Uterine Cancer

If within two years of a hysterectomy (uterus removal) or myomectomy (fibroid removal), you or a loved one were diagnosed with leiomyosarcoma or uterine cancer, you may have a lawsuit. Continue reading to learn more about the symptoms and stages of Uterine Cancer and Leiomyosarcoma and…

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Diagnosed With Cancer After Minimally Invasive Surgery? Our Louisville Attorneys Can Help You With Your Power Morcellator Lawsuit.

Minimally Invasive Surgery Can Create Significant Health Risks Power morcellators are used by gynecologists and other doctors to perform important minimally invasive surgeries like myomectomies (fibroid removals) and hysterectomies (uterus removals) to reduce recovery time where more invasive traditional surgeries would typically be necessary. A power morcellator…

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Mylan Injectables Recalled Due To Potential Life-Threatening Side Effects—Are You at Risk?

The risks of ovarian cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, psoriasis, arthritis and other diseases are significant, and the side effects from cancer treatments can also be dangerous. Sometimes patients—and even their doctors—have no control over the progression of the disease or the impact…

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A Guide to DePuy Defective Hip Replacement Recalls

Tens of thousands of patients implanted with defective metal-on-metal hip replacements have experienced months of pain, inconvenience, and rehabilitation therapy. Now data has been released showing that one in eight patients will need to undergo the ordeal all over again because of defects with their…

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How Chemotherapy Patients Can Prevent Dangerous Drug Errors

Chemotherapy isn’t optional; you need to receive chemotherapy to prevent the cancer from spreading. You need it to save your life. However, chemotherapy involves dangerous drugs that—if given incorrectly—have the potential to kill. Accordingly, it is important to know what you can do to help…

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Check for Car Recalls Before Your Summer Road Trip

Summer is finally here and you are ready to hit the road with your family. The car that has taken you around town to work, to school, and to other activities will now take your family farther from home. You are looking forward to the…

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