Medication Errors

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Admitted Elderly Patients Often Suffer Dosage Errors in KY Hospitals

If you have an elderly relative who regularly goes in and out of hospitals, you are likely worried about his health. You trust that the doctors and nurses will take the best possible care of him, but there may be something dangerous behind that hospital…

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Kentucky Anesthesiologists, Please Be Careful With My Life

Anesthesiologists in Kentucky hospitals literally have the power of life and death. One wrong move, one misjudgment, one lapse in attention, and the patient may die. Because of this grave responsibility (excuse the pun), you’d think that anesthesiology mistakes rarely occur; that, however, is not…

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Vacation Errors Can Cause a Number of Medication Mistakes in Kentucky

Now that the holidays are over, you may be looking forward to taking a nice, restful vacation—maybe a spring break to get you back on your feet after the stress of the holiday season. Unfortunately, people are more likely to suffer a harmful medication error…

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Kentucky Medication Errors Are Likely One of These Three Types

Each year, according to the Institute of Medicine, more than 1.5 million people in the United States get sick, injured, or killed as a result of medication errors—many of which are preventable. In addition to the cost to human lives, the additional cost of medication…

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State Pharmacy Board Inspections Prevent Medication Errors in Kentucky

After you suffered a Louisville prescription mistake, you may have wondered who to call to report the incident. After all, you’re not sure the police would be able to investigate the pharmacy, or if they would be able to do anything about it. So who…

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Have a Little Patience With Your Pharmacist, Kentucky Patients

Do you ever get irritated at having to wait in line at the prescription counter in your Kentucky pharmacy? Here is a little information about the job of a pharmacist that may cause you to be a bit more patient in that line: Many pharmacists…

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