State Pharmacy Board Inspections Prevent Medication Errors in Kentucky

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After you suffered a Louisville prescription mistake, you may have wondered who to call to report the incident. After all, you’re not sure the police would be able to investigate the pharmacy, or if they would be able to do anything about it. So who is in charge of holding pharmacy staff accountable after a medication error? 

The Kentucky State Pharmacy Board can take action against any pharmacy in the state. In addition to investigating reports of pharmacy errors, the Board also conducts regular inspections of all licensed pharmacies in the state. Pharmacists are required to give inspectors full access, and must pass the inspection in order for the pharmacy to remain open. 

During an inspection, the pharmacy will be graded on a number of conditions, including: 

  • Staffing. The pharmacy must have an adequate number of technicians to cope with the customer count and hours of operation.
  • Equipment. Any devices used to measure or portion medication, including containers, pill counters, and electronic devices must be inspected for quality control.
  • Cleanliness. Inspectors will watch employees to make sure staff members use gloves when handling medications, and that all tablets and liquids are handled in a sterile environment.
  • Education. Pharmacists and staff are required to perform continuing education courses to keep their licenses. Investigators will check to see whether all mandatory state requirements have been completed. 

These inspections are done on a routine basis to ensure patient safety. However, many state pharmacy boards are understaffed, meaning pharmacies can go years without a proper inspection—increasing the chances that customers will suffer a harmful medication mistake. 

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