Vacation Errors Can Cause a Number of Medication Mistakes in Kentucky

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Now that the holidays are over, you may be looking forward to taking a nice, restful vacation—maybe a spring break to get you back on your feet after the stress of the holiday season.

Unfortunately, people are more likely to suffer a harmful medication error when they are out of town and away from their regular doctors and pharmacies. There are many different reasons for this, but the most common usually involve:

  • Packing light. Travelers may pack all of their pills in one container in order to lighten their suitcases, increasing the chances that they will mix up their meds (especially if two different medications look alike).
  • Combining medications. Many people will not have a regular schedule when traveling, and choose to take medications that should be spread out through the day all at once, risking dangerous drug interactions.
  • Sharing medications. If you are walking around a new city or lying on the beach, it’s unlikely that you will want to suffer through a headache or troubled stomach—but you probably won’t want to seek out a drug store, either. Many people often accept “harmless” painkillers from friends, only to suffer adverse drug reactions.
  • Unfamiliar pharmacies. It’s one thing to suffer a Louisville pharmacy mistake where the staff and pharmacist know you, but an out-of-town pharmacy may not have your medical information on hand to recognize an allergy or potential interaction.

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