$163,973,761 Million Verdict for Kentucky Women Severely Injured in Car Accident

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Louisville, KY- March 18, 2024—Acclaimed personal injury law firms Gray & White PLLC and Dolt, Thompson, Shepherd & Conway PSC, proudly announce a $163,973,761.00 million verdict for a Kentucky woman severely injured when a 26,000 lb. tow truck, responding to a GEICO roadside assistance run, slammed into the back of her vehicle while she was stopped at a red light on December 29, 2017.

A jury in Jefferson County Circuit Court awarded a $163,973,761.00 million verdict to Jilianne Warner for compensatory damages, making it one of the largest personal injury verdicts in Jefferson County and throughout Kentucky.

The wreck occurred on December 29, 2017, when a tow truck owned by Midnight Recovery, Inc., rear-ended Jilianne Warner’s Toyota Scion while stopped at a redlight at the intersection of Greenbelt Highway and Greenwood Road. The tow truck had just completed a GEICO Roadside Assistance run and was en route to another GEICO run when the wreck occurred. Accident reconstructionists estimate the truck was traveling nearly 45 mph when the impact occurred sending Ms. Warner’s vehicle over 100 feet through the intersection.

This case is one of first impression in Kentucky and the United States because it involves the liability of a roadside assistance provider, GEICO, while using a separate tow truck company to service its customers.

Plaintiff, Jilianne Warner, suffered lifelong catastrophic injuries because of the wreck including quadriplegia.  “JIlianne is the bravest person I know.  She was 27 when the wreck occurred and just starting her adult life. She brought this lawsuit to hold GEICO accountable and to raise awareness of the dangers of roadside assistance companies putting large trucks on public roadways. We filed her case six years ago and GEICO fought us every step of the way to prevent us from keeping them in this case and holding them accountable in front of a jury. Jilianne’s strength is what helped get us all to the finish line. It has been an honor and inspiration to represent her.”   -Matt White, co-founder Gray & White.