Medication Errors

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Kentucky Patients: Do You Know the True Costs of Medication Errors?

A new report by IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics has revealed staggering information about the true cost of medication errors. According to the new report, the true cost of medication errors may be higher than you think—in both dollar values and patient impact. The Real…

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How to Prevent an Adverse Drug Event at Norton’s Hospital in Kentucky

You have to go into the hospital for a routine procedure. Even though you’ve been assured that everything will be fine, you cannot help but be nervous that something might go wrong. However, what you might not realize is that you are less likely to…

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Blood Thinner Medication Errors May Be Significant Safety Problem

Blood thinners help reduce the likelihood of suffering from a heart attack or stroke by preventing blood clots. They can be important drugs that prevent patients from dying in the hospital. However, a recent study found that blood thinners might account for 7 percent of…

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Kentucky Consumers, Do You Count Your Change—and Your Pills?

When you get change back after paying for your purchases in a Kentucky grocery store, do you count it? Or do you figure, “Eh, it’s only a few cents”? If, when you exit the store and head for your car, you see a limo pass…

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Parents: Protect Your Children From Cold Medicine Overdose in Kentucky

When your child is sick, you are willing to do anything to make him feel better. Unfortunately, many parents assume that since cough and cold products can be purchased without a prescription, they do not pose a threat of overdose to their children. Unfortunately, over-the-counter…

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The Welcome Intrusion of Technology in Kentucky Healthcare Facilities

I’ll admit it: I prefer reading a book to reading a screen. I enjoy curling up on the couch with a good Dean Koontz novel—turning actual pages, assuring myself that I’ll stop and do something constructive once I get to the end of this chapter…or…

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