Parents: Protect Your Children From Cold Medicine Overdose in Kentucky

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When your child is sick, you are willing to do anything to make him feel better. Unfortunately, many parents assume that since cough and cold products can be purchased without a prescription, they do not pose a threat of overdose to their children.

Unfortunately, over-the-counter cold and flu products can be just as dangerous as prescription drugs. For example:

  • Age-restricted medication. A number of cough and cold medicines have age restrictions due to the dangers of overdose. However, doctors may ignore these regulations and use their own judgment when recommending products, putting your child at risk of serious side effects.
  • Cough syrup. Children with whooping cough are often unable to take deep breaths or control their coughing fits, leading doctors to recommend cough syrups that contain narcotics. While these may stop the excessive coughing, narcotics such as hydrocodone can cause permanent breathing problems, or even early death if not measured properly.
  • No consultation. Patients often assume that since no prescription is necessary, they do not need to consult a pharmacist to discuss potential risks and side effects. Many children will suffer an overdose after their parents mis-measure liquid medications or administer multiple medications with the same active ingredient.

Although parents often give these medications to their children without consulting a pharmacist, they commonly do so after a doctor has recommended them—leading to children suffering drug overdoses in KY that could have been prevented.

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