The Welcome Intrusion of Technology in Kentucky Healthcare Facilities

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I’ll admit it: I prefer reading a book to reading a screen. I enjoy curling up on the couch with a good Dean Koontz novel—turning actual pages, assuring myself that I’ll stop and do something constructive once I get to the end of this chapter…or maybe the next one.

I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to curl up comfortably with a computer.

I’m also a bit disconcerted when I call to order a pizza and the order-taker says, “Are you still at…” as she reads off my address, undoubtedly from a computer screen.

Don’t get me wrong; I am the first to point out the wonders of living at this point in history, with information on any topic right at our fingertips via the internet. Remember, Kentucky, when we had to go to the library or, alternatively, consult one of the 20 or so Encyclopedia Britannica in the living room—if we were lucky enough to own a set?

There is one area in which I see a great advantage with computers: in hospitals and doctors’ offices. Already, when I go in for a checkup, the nurse walks in with her tablet and calls up my electronic record (yes, it still takes me aback—where’s the bulging manila folder with papers that seem to be trying to escape?).

Someday soon, we’ll be able to go to any doctor or hospital anywhere in the world, and all of the details of our complete medical file will be right there beneath the fingers of the nurse, doctor, or technician.

Now, that will be progress.

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