What You Can Do to Prevent a Kentucky Medication Error

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There are many ways to try and prevent a Kentucky medication error from occurring. However, when it comes to your health, you are at the mercy of many other people including doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and drug manufacturers. Because complete control is impossible, your best line of defense is information.

You cannot prevent a physician from making a mistake and giving you the incorrect dosage of medication or stop your pharmacist from inadvertently putting the wrong label on your pill bottle. However, you can lessen the risk that a mistake will cause serious harm by being aware of your body, your medical conditions, and your medications.

Here are just a few ways that you can help:

  • Know your body. Pay close attention to how you feel at different times of the day, under different circumstances, after you take your medications, and after you eat certain types of food. If you are aware of how your body reacts to certain things, you will be better able to recognize a problem if it is related to your medication.
  • Know your medications. Make sure that you know the exact name, dosage, purpose, directions for use, what to avoid, size, shape, color, and cost of each medication you take. If you are aware of these things, you may be able to spot a mistake if anything seems out of place on the label.
  • Know your doctors and make sure they know you. Talk to your doctor. Ask questions. Tell them about your other physicians, other ailments, and other medications. Make sure you fully understand why they are prescribing the medication they are prescribing. Being an informed and engaged patient will help your doctor make the best possible drug decisions for your situation.

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