3 Things You Should Know If Your Kentucky Teen Has a Brain Injury

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You knew right away that it was serious. Once the phone rang and you were told that your child had suffered a head or brain injury in a recent fight, sports competition or accident you were preparing yourself for trouble. However, do you know just how serious concussions can be for teenagers? Do you know how to reach a Louisville brain injury lawyer for help?

3 Things to Know About Teenage Brain Injuries

According to recent studies:

  • Teenage concussions may be more serious than previously thought – A study found that boys who are hurt in two fights suffer a loss of intelligence quotient that is about the same as missing a whole school year. For girls, it may take one such injury to suffer the same loss of intelligence quotient.
  • About 20% of students aged 11–20 report having a serious head injury – More specifically, approximately 1 in 5 students reports being knocked out for 5 minutes or more or requiring overnight hospitalization.
  • New studies suggest more long term symptoms and consequences for teenage concussion victims – It was previously thought that most symptoms clear up in the weeks or months following the injury, but there appears to be increasing evidence of long term effects.

While many teen brain injuries occur because of sports, it is also important to recognize other causes such as fights, car accidents, bike accidents, and other personal injury accidents.

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If your child has been hurt then it is important to find out more about his or her legal rights. Please contact an experienced Louisville brain injury attorney today via this website or by calling 800.634.8767 or 502.210.8942 to schedule an initial consultation.