3 Tips to Stay Safe on Kentucky Roads this Summer

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Recent findings indicate that the threat of accidents while driving in the summer is substantially higher than in winter. If you’re injured in a Kentucky accident this summer, a Louisville auto accident lawyer can help you with the aftermath of your collision.

3 tips to stay safe on Kentucky roads this summer:

  • Be aware of cyclists and pedestrians. Sunny weather and the summer school break mean more people are walking and cycling on the roads. The majority of bicycle accidents involve children, so the added risk of a bicycle-car accident during the summer months is significant.
  • Practice defensive driving. You shouldn’t only be aware that there are more cars on the road, but also take inventory of what kind of drivers are increase during summer months. Teen drivers and college students, freed from school fill the roads during the summer season. Students are the group at the highest risk for auto accidents, averaging about 87 speeding tickets and 152 accidents per 1,000 drivers. When able, plan your trip so that you avoid teen and college hotspots.
  • Proceed with caution around road construction. Warmer months always include an increase in road construction and accidents tend to increase near these construction projects. Slow down and pay attention to the road and to the posted signs pertaining to the work. It’s not only safer but also less frustrating to plan a trip around avoiding these construction sites.  

Contacting a Louisville Auto Accident Lawyer 

Don’t let an accident ruin your summer. If you’ve been injured in a Kentucky accident, a Louisville auto accident lawyer at Gray and White Law can help you handle every aspect of your injury claim. An accident attorney can protect your rights, so contact us today for a free evaluation of your case888-450-4456 or 502-210- 8942.