5 Winter Driving Safety Tips for Kentucky Residents

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It’s that time of year where weather conditions can increase the risk of a serious crash. If you were injured as a result of someone else’s negligence in Kentucky, then you should get in touch with a Louisville personal injury law firm to learn if you have the right to pursue legal action.

Here are 5 winter driving safety tips that may help prevent an accident: 

  • watch for slippery spots on overpasses, bridges and ramps;
  • keep at least 1 car length between you and the vehicle in front of you (2 seconds apart);
  • if conditions are dangerous, slow down;
  • ensure wipers are working and there is windshield washer fluid; and
  • check tires to ensure they have enough air and the tread isn’t worn. 

When the temperature drops, ice can form. There may also be an accumulation of snow or wet spots. These are hazards that could lead to a car accident in Kentucky, so driving with care and caution is important.

Despite weather conditions, other drivers are expected to operate their vehicles safely. If someone else’s careless or reckless actions caused you to sustain serious injuries, they may be held liable. You should consult with a Louisville personal injury law firm as soon as possible to learn if you have a legitimate claim worth pursuing. 

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