Complications of Organ Damage in a Kentucky Car Accident

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Organ damage is one type of car accident injury that can lead to life-threatening complications. When it is the result of someone else’s careless or reckless actions, they may be held liable for your injuries. Consulting with a Louisville car accident attorney can help you learn what legal options may be available, including a personal injury claim.

Any organ is at risk of being crushed, bruised, torn or punctured when you are injured in a serious car accident. While medical treatment can help, complications may delay healing and recovery.

Complications of organ damage will depend on the type of organ injured and may include: 

  • internal bleeding;
  • abdominal aortic rupture;
  • weak pulse;
  • decreased blood pressure;
  • severe pain;
  • loss of function;
  • shock; and
  • death.

These are just some of the complications that may be suffered with organ damage in a car accident. Depending on other injuries that may have been sustained, a victim may face additional serious consequences.

Car accident injuries, such as organ damage, may lead to compensation through a Kentucky personal injury claim. To understand your rights fully, contact a Jefferson County accident attorney immediately.

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