How to Find Out What Actually Happened in the Operating Room When Your Loved One Died From Anesthesia Aspiration

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You weren’t there.

Even if you were waiting in the hospital’s waiting room, you weren’t present in the operating room during your loved one’s surgery. You had no place in the operating room, but now you can’t stop thinking about what happened in there. Will you ever know if a mistake was made that caused your loved one to choke and die during surgery? Will you ever know if the doctors and nurses noticed that your loved one was suffering and tried to save him? Will you ever know if your loved one’s death was preventable?

There Are Ways to Find Out the Truth

Unfortunately, one of those ways is not to simply ask the doctors and nurses who were present what really happened. Instead, you should consider learning the truth and protecting your legal rights by contacting a lawyer to start a lawsuit. During the lawsuit, you attorney will use legal discovery techniques to find out what really happened in the emergency room. These techniques may include, but are not limited to:

  • Depositions. In a deposition, your lawyer will ask a doctor, nurse, or other witness questions under oath.
  • Written interrogatories. Written interrogatories may be sent to the doctor, nurse, or other witness to be completed in writing under oath.
  • Subpoena of records. This will require the doctor, nurse or hospital to turn over records, such as medical records, for you, your attorney, and your experts to review.

Consulting with other doctors and nurses about what a reasonable doctor or nurse would have done in similar circumstances can also give you important information about your loved one’s death.

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