What You Should Have in Your Car in Case of a Breakdown

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There probably are lots of things in your car right now. However, the old snacks, crumpled papers, dropped nickels, and long-forgotten treasures are not going to help you stay safe if your car breaks down. Instead, it is important to know what to keep in your car to keep the annoying nuisance of a car breakdown from turning into a tragedy that causes you significant injury or death.

Ten Things to Put in Your Car Now

You do not need to go out and by a pre-made breakdown kit for your car. Instead, you can gather your own resources which should include:

  • Water. Drinking water is important in case you become stranded for a while.
  • Blankets. These are particularly important in the winter. Without a working vehicle, it may become dangerously cold very quickly.
  • Flares or cones. You need other motorists to be able to see you so that they don’t hit you.
  • A first aid kit. This will provide you with the necessary resources if anyone is hurt.
  • Flashlight. This will be necessary if you break down at night.
  • Jumper cables. These can be helpful if someone stops to help you and your vehicle needs a jump.
  • Snow shovel. A shovel can help you get moving if your vehicle ends in a snowdrift.
  • Gloves. These can protect your hands if you do your own repairs.
  • Tools. This may include a toolset and duct tape, for example.
  • Emergency phone numbers. You should include a few numbers of local friends and family who may be able to help you as well as any roadside assistance programs, such as AAA, to which you subscribe.

It is important to put these things together in one box or bag so that you can find them when you need them.

Do you have an emergency kit in your car? What do you keep in it? Please leave a comment and let others know your good ideas.
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