Kentucky Doctor Admits to Sex Assault on Patient

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Louisville, Kentucky.  A doctor is charged with sodomizing a female patient, arrested, then released on payment of cash bond. According to Fox News, the doctor charged with the sexual assault admitted to the crime in a police report. After news of the accusations spread, the doctor’s patients, some of them long-time patients, spoke out in defense of the doctor stating the doctor never did anything inappropriate. The alleged victim, a 38-year old patient, accused the doctor of pushing her pants and underwear down, then performing oral sex on her. Despite the doctor’s alleged admission to the police of the sexual assault incident, staff and patients continue to defend the doctor by confirming the presence of another (for example, a technician or other staff member) in the room simultaneously with the doctor any time female patient is treated.

The Oldham County Police Department has asked that anyone with relevant information to please contact 1-502-222-1300.

By seeking care, the patient enters into an agreement with the medical establishment that involves an assumption by the patient that the doctor, staff and the hospital that house the doctor will treat the patient to the best of their ability and will use their knowledge to provide safe and competent care. If you suspect that you or a loved one is the victim of improper medical care or hospital or provider facility negligence, you should contact our law firm immediately. Gray and White Law has helped many Kentucky families whose loved ones suffered from injuries, and our knowledgeable and experienced lawyers have successfully litigated on behalf of their clients throughout Kentucky and across the nation. If you or a loved one suffered personal injuries, you should contact us today for a FREE CONSULTATION.