What to Expect From the Insurance Company If You Have a Brain Injury

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The insurance company’s goal is to pay you as little as possible for your brain injury. To achieve this goal, the insurance adjuster may use different tactics to convince you that your claim is worth less than it really is or to get you to agree to a lower settlement than you deserve.

7 Tricks the Insurance Company May Use

Insurance adjusters may use different tactics to achieve their goal. Depending on your unique situation, these strategies may include:

  1. Claiming that you are faking your injury. Brain injuries can be challenging to prove with diagnostic tests, but they are real injuries that can be established with the right evidence.
  2. Claiming that you had the brain injury before your accident
  3. Recording your conversation and using parts of the discussion against you
  4. Following you on social media to prove that you aren’t as injured as you claim
  5. Following you with a private investigator to catch you faking your injury
  6. Convincing you to settle your case quickly
  7. Telling you that you do not need an attorney

The insurance company’s behavior may be predictable, but it is also frustrating. You deserve to make a fair recovery even if the insurance company doesn’t want that to happen.

How to Protect Your Insurance Recovery

Even if the insurance company uses some of the tactics described above, you could still make a fair recovery for your brain injury. An experienced brain injury lawyer will anticipate the insurance company’s games and make sure you are treated fairly.

If the insurance company refuses to settle your case for an amount that covers your past and future medical costs, lost income, out-of-pocket costs, and pain and suffering, your lawyer will take your case to court.

A fair recovery is more important than a quick insurance settlement. Make sure your rights are protected by contacting the experienced brain injury lawyers of Gray and White Law for a free, no-obligation case evaluation. We are available by phone or through this website any time.