Requirements for Victims of Government Car Accidents to File a Claim in Kentucky

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Government car accidents can be challenging. One of the first requirements for filing a claim in Kentucky is to determine which form of government is involved. You may be dealing with a county or municipality, the state or federal government.

For instance, if you are filing a claim with a county or municipality, you will need to do so with the district court. This is where the other party resides. You could also file in the location where the accident took place. The logistics of where to file your claim can be determined with the help of a Jefferson County auto accident attorney.

If the accident is related to a state government entity, the requirements will vary. If you are filing against the federal government, then you will need to complete a Standard Form 95 and submit it to the proper agency. Because of the complexity of this type of case and the various types of paperwork that is involved, it is best to secure legal representation.

Securing legal representation as soon as possible would be in your best interest since you may be limited in the amount of time you have to file. Cases involving  government car accidents can be time-consuming and complicated. Consulting with a Jefferson County auto accident attorney can help you understand what your legal rights are.  

Contacting a Jefferson County Auto Accident Attorney

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