Was Your Kentucky Brain Injury on the Left or Right Side of the Brain?

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You’ve probably heard about differences between the two sides of the brain: the left side governs logical functions, and the right side governs creative functions. When you have a brain injury in Kentucky, the side of the brain that is injured determines how you are affected.

The Brain Injury Association of America describes the following side effects of brain injury on the different areas of the brain:

Left-Brain Injuries

When the left side of the brain becomes damaged, the following results may occur:

  • trouble understanding language
  • trouble speaking
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • verbal memory problems
  • difficulty with logic
  • problems with sequencing
  • impaired control of body movement on the right side

Right-Brain Injuries

Injuries to the right side of the brain may result in the following:

  • visual-spatial impairment
  • visual memory problems
  • left neglect (inattention to the left side of the body)
  • less awareness of existing deficits
  • change in creativity and music perception
  • deficit in holistic thinking
  • impaired control of body movement on the left side

Diffuse Brain Injuries

When diffuse brain injuries, or injuries that have harmed both sides of the brain, occur, the following symptoms may be observed:

  • slower thinking
  • confusion
  • deficits in attention and concentration
  • fatigue
  • impaired cognitive skills in general

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