Client Seriously Injured in Car Accident on KY 88

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As a retired agricultural inspector for Kentucky, our client was very familiar with the highways and back roads throughout all of Kentucky. He had worked with the agricultural department for 38 years before he retired. He had earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Argicultural Education, as well as his Master’s Degree in Soil and Agronomy from Western Kentucky University. Prior to being injured, he had enjoyed a very active life on his farm raising cattle, driving a tractor, and maintaining his land. He was a devoted husband, father, and grandfather.

On December 26, 2011, our client was seriously injured in a car accident when another driver crossed the centerline and struck his vehicle head on. He was air-flighted to University Hospital in Louisville, Kentucky, due to his severe injuries. He suffered a right hip fracture which has required two surgeries to date. He also broke numerous ribs and was diagnosed with a mild closed head injury. It was nothing short of a miracle that he didn’t die as a result of this car accident.

Details From the Accident Scene

On the night of the wreck, our client was pulling a hay wagon, traveling eastbound on Kentucky Route 88 about 12 miles west of Munfordville, Kentucky. He saw a truck crossing the centerline, and a witness behind our client told the police officer that our client attempted to brake and to avoid the oncoming truck by pulling to the shoulder as much as he could without going off the roadway. However, the truck continued across the center divider lane and hit our client’s truck head-on. According to the police report, evidence of scratch marks at the scene and the witness’s account both indicate that the oncoming truck crossed the center divider lane into our client’s line of travel.

Injury Report from Medical Workers

Hart County EMS responded to the accident scene and called the emergency air flight team to transport our client to University of Louisville Hospital for trauma treatment. Our client, per the Air Methods records, was amnestic to the accident and complaining of chest pain, right hip pain, and knee pain.

Upon admission, our client was placed in the ICU. It was determined that he had multiple traumatic injuries, including rib fractures and a hip fracture. He also was anemic due to acute traumatic blood loss. Once he was stabilized, three days following the accident, our client underwent an open reduction internal fixation of right acetabular fracture (hip replacement surgery).

Obtaining Justice With Our Experienced Kentucky Legal Team

Our client and his family searched for answers and help to deal with this horrible situation. They found our firm, Gray & White, one of Kentucky’s leading law firms in handling serious auto accident injury cases.

We were able to investigate the scene with our team of experts, interpret the investigative results, and prepare a strong case of liability against the responsible driver. We also used our experts in gathering the medical information necessary to prove our client’s severe medical injuries and associated medical care costs. In the end, we were able to force the two insurance companies to pay their entire policy limits to compensate our client for his injuries.