How Data From Your Fitness Tracker Could Help or Harm Your Car Accident Case

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smart phone and fitness tracker on table Gray & WhiteYour fitness tracker may be more than an effective way to hold yourself accountable for taking enough steps in a single day. It may also contain important evidence about the extent of your car accident injuries and how those injuries impact your life.

What Your FitBit, Garmin, or Other Tracker May Show

A fitness tracker that is worn on your wrist could provide the following evidence of your car accident injuries—or lack of injury:

How Many Steps You Take a Day

This may show how active you are after your injury compared to how active you were prior to your injury.

Your Heart Rate

Your heart rate may be relevant if you claim that you cannot exercise or exert yourself.

GPS Data That Shows Where You Were When

GPS data is included on some fitness trackers so that you can track things like your running route. However, this feature can also keep track of how often you are away from your home and where you go.

How Well or How Long You Sleep

If you claim that your injury impacts your sleep, then this feature can be relevant to your claim.

This data is stored on the tracker’s app and can be used to show your activity on any given day. Your activity, or lack thereof, can support your injury claim or it can contradict your injury claim.

Share Your Fitness Tracker Information With an Experienced Car Accident Attorney

Whether your fitness tracker data will be relevant to your car accident claim is a matter that you should discuss with your car accident attorney. Make sure that your Louisville car accident lawyer understands how often you wear the fitness tracker and what you expect the fitness tracker data to show so that you can have a conversation about whether the data is relevant and useful.

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