Can I fire my Louisville auto accident lawyer if I don’t like the way they are handling my personal injury claim?

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Although you have every right to fire your attorney if you don’t like the way your personal injury claim is being handled, you should carefully consider if this is the best decision for your case in Louisville. Ensuring from the start that the auto accident lawyer you hired is right can save you a lot of stress in the long run.

Emotions can run high when you’re pursuing legal action, so it’s important to guard against making any hasty decisions. Starting all over again can not only prolong your case but also lead to additional expenses.

Sometimes it’s just a matter of misunderstanding or miscommunication. For instance, you may assume that you’ll hear from your attorney on a frequent basis. If you don’t, it can lead you to believe they aren’t working on your case. When in truth they may be very busy behind the scenes gathering evidence and testimony. A claim can take a lot of time to process.

It may also be that they’re also working on other cases. Although your case is very important, you should keep in mind that it likely isn’t the only one being investigated. 

A paralegal or legal secretary may be able to provide you with any information or updates that you need when you cannot reach your attorney. If you would rather speak directly to the attorney, send an email as that may be easier to respond to.

Miscommunication can sometimes cause problems. Be sure that you’re clear on how the process will proceed and ask any questions you may have. Oftentimes a client may not realize how complicated and time-consuming the claims process can be.

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