Does a nursing home have to provide personal care services like haircuts and fingernail care to its residents in Jefferson County?

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Yes, a nursing home must provide personal care services like haircuts and fingernail care to the residents that reside in the facility. The main goal of a nursing home is to provide residents with quality care similar to what they would receive at home. It’s best to seek a Jefferson County nursing home neglect lawyer if you suspect your loved one is suffering from neglect, such as this, at his or her nursing home.

Quality nursing home care includes help with medications, daily activities, bathing, grooming and other personal care services. Many residents are unable to do many things on their own, so the responsibility of a nursing home worker is to assist with these activities. In fact, if a resident is covered by Medicaid, Medicaid will pay for routine personal hygiene items and services, including haircuts.

Although, additional services, such as perms and styling, are often not covered (but may be available for an additional cost), a resident is allowed to have a basic haircut. Nursing home residents should be well cared for and should be properly groomed. Lack of basic grooming is a red flag in any nursing home facility and if poor personal hygiene results in other serious health issues to the patient, the nursing home an be held liable. If you notice this or have proof of inadequate care, you should report it right away.

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