How serious is the issue of over prescription in Kentucky and/or in the United States as a whole?

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In the United States, the issue of over prescription has become a serious issue. It would stand to reason that it is also an issue here in Kentucky. So this should be kept in the back of any patient’s mind when receiving a prescription. Contact a Kentucky law firm if you believe you or a loved one was the victim of a medication mistake.

Over prescription has reached a point that deaths from prescription opioids are now greater than those from cocaine and heroine combined. It is estimated that approximately 4 million prescriptions for opioids are written every year.

However, serious side effects can happen with certain medications. Some are relatively mild, more of a nuisance than anything such as sleepiness or constipation. However, other side effects are severe and may lead to organ damage, heart attack or even death.

The risk may be even greater in newer drugs that hit the market. Many haven’t been tested in enough patients to reveal any potentially serious or life-threatening dangers. 

Learning about the side effects before taking a prescription medication is one way to help prevent harm. However, this isn’t the only concern when it comes to over prescription in the United States. Overdosing and addiction are additional problems.

While some of these results are the fault of the patient, over prescription could be a case of medical negligence. If a doctor, pharmacist or other medical professional doesn’t do their job and fails to provide a reasonable standard of care, they may be held liable. Contact a Kentucky law firm that handles malpractice cases in order to learn what your options are.

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