I believe that my parent was abused in a Louisville nursing home and that is why s/he is being transferred to an area hospital. Can my parent see a doctor who is independent of the nursing home or does s/he need to be treated by a nursing home doctor?

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It is understandable that you are reluctant to have your parent’s injuries treated by a nursing home doctor. While many doctors are ethical and will do the right thing for your parent, you may be concerned that the doctor will try to cover for the mistakes or deliberate abuse inflicted by other nursing home staff members. You may want an independent medical opinion. 

You have the right to request an independent medical opinion at the hospital and have your parent examined and treated by a doctor who is not affiliated with the Louisville nursing home where you believe the abuse or neglect took place. You, of course, want to make sure that the visit will be covered by your parent’s insurance or Medicare, or that you can pay the bill out of pocket. 

An independent medical opinion can be important if you need to file a lawsuit against a Louisville nursing home for abuse or neglect. 

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