I’m just starting to take care of my father’s financial affairs, including paying his bills and reconciling all of his bank accounts, and I’ve been seeing things on his bank statements that just don’t make any sense. How can I tell if he is being financially exploited in his Kentucky nursing home?

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Keep a close eye on his bank accounts. Don’t leave an ATM card, bank statements, or any other financial paperwork at the nursing home.

If your father is being victimized, the following clues listed by Helpguide.org will bring the situation to your attention:

  • large, unexplained withdrawals from one of your dad’s bank accounts;
  • sudden changes in his financial condition;
  • cash, jewelry, or other personal items missing from his room;
  • changes of which you are not aware in his will, power of attorney, titles, and insurance policies;
  • addition of names to your father’s bank signature card;
  • bills that appear to be unpaid or refusal of medical care, despite sufficient money in your father’s account to pay for them;
  • financial activity that your dad could not have carried out; or
  • bills for unnecessary goods, services, or subscriptions.

Abuse of any kind in Kentucky nursing homes is inexcusable. 

Has Your Loved One Been Injured In A Nursing Home?

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