If your loved one was left outside too long during transport in a snowstorm and suffered injuries or illness, you could be permitted to sue the nursing home for nursing home neglect under Kentucky law. A nursing home neglect lawyer in Louisville can review the specifics of your case to determine if a lawsuit for neglect is appropriate and can be proven. 

Patients in a nursing home are entitled to special protections and care because they are assumed unable to fully provide for their own safety. Nursing homes are expected to treat those patients respectfully and to take reasonable steps to ensure their health and safety. 

When a nursing home breaches a duty of care, the nursing home can be sued for neglect in civil court. If you or your loved one decides to sue, you will have the burden of showing that the nursing home was unreasonably careless in fulfilling its obligations to provide care. 

Leaving someone outside during a snowstorm is a clear example of the type of behavior that would be considered unreasonably neglectful, since there are many dangers inherent to exposure to the elements.  

Any reasonable nursing home would know how dangerous it is to leave a helpless patient out in the cold, and the nursing home could thus be held accountable for doing something careless that lead to a situation of clear danger. A nursing home neglect lawyer in Louisville can help you to hold the nursing home liable. 

Has Your Loved One Been Injured In A Nursing Home?

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