When pursuing a Kentucky nursing home neglect claim it is important to be well read about all of the laws and legislations that pertain to this type of case. It is in your best interest to review documents such as the Patient Safety and Abuse Prevention Act when you are addressing nursing home abuse in Louisville. If you have any questions or concerns about the act or anything else involving your case, an attorney can provide clarification.

The Patient Safety and Abuse Prevention Act

The Patient Safety and Abuse Prevention Act was introduced by Wisconsin Senator Herb Kohl in hopes of preventing people with a criminal history from working in nursing home facilities. This act aims to create a program that conducts extensive background checks for all potential employees nationwide. This act will expand a pilot program under the Medicare Modernization Act, which refused more than 7,000 staff applicants because of criminal records.

The act also includes a bill that requires states to establish coordinating systems that screen all applicants through the FBI's national database. Officials believe these steps are necessary because the patients and residents of nursing homes are typically defenseless seniors who are extremely vulnerable. The previous system was haphazard and unreliable, allowing potentially dangerous individuals to care for the elderly, increasing their risks of abuse.

It is very important for you to be up to date on pieces of legislation such as this if you are pursuing a Kentucky nursing home neglect claim. It is in your best interest to be as prepared and well-read as possible so that your case against nursing home abuse in Louisville has the best possible chance of success.

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