I just found out that my father’s facility is on the list of “special focus” nursing homes. What should I do?

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There are good points and bad points about a loved one living in a special focus nursing home. The bad news is that the facility has been identified as consistently having problems. The good news is that nursing homes on the Special Focus Facility (SFF) list are required to be visited in person twice as often as other care homes, and are examined very closely for signs of improvement.

The next few months will be a critical time for you to evaluate your relative’s care facility. One of three things will likely happen as a result of upcoming inspections:

  • Improvement – Many nursing homes are removed from the SFF list if they are able to make significant improvements and continue on with a higher level of care in the future.
  • Reorganization – Some nursing homes are sold or restructured in response to continuing issues, and remain on the SFF list until the new management shows acceptable progress.
  • Closure – If a nursing home is unable to make significant improvements, inspectors will terminate the facility from participation in the Medicare and Medicaid programs. Facilities are often unable to remain open when their funding has been cut off, leaving residents to find another home with an acceptable quality of care.

Of all the facilities inspected, about half of all nursing homes in the SFF program significantly improve their quality of care within two years of participating in the program, while roughly 16 percent are terminated from Medicare and Medicaid. In addition to a loss of funding, facilities with severe violations may also face fines or other penalties for causing unnecessary suffering.

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