How common are bus accidents in Kentucky?

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TARC buses are common on Kentucky roads, and it is important for all motorists to know how often dangerous accidents occur. 2012 is the most recent year for which complete statistics have been released by the Commonwealth of Kentucky. In 2012, there was more than one bus accident every day in our state. More specifically, the state police report 674 bus accidents. That number does not include school bus accidents. More than 750 school bus accidents were reported that year.

Unfortunately, Bus Accidents Continue to Be a Problem in 2014

While we don’t yet have complete statistics for this year, we already know that:

  • A TARC bus accident near Middle Road and Old Creek Road in Jeffersonville sent about a dozen people to the hospital in March 2014.
  • A TARC bus accident at Broadway and Clay in Louisville sent three people to the hospital in March 2014.

Other TARC bus accidents may have also occurred.

What This Means for You

TARC buses aren’t going anywhere. Accordingly, you should know what to do if you’ve been hurt in a TARC bus accident. Specifically, you should get medical treatment, watch what you say to anyone asking you about the accident, and consult an attorney as soon as you can to make sure that your legal rights and possible recovery are protected.

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