Five Reasons You May Have Been Hurt on a TARC Bus

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TARC bus accidents are different than typical Louisville auto accidents. Not only is the potential liability different in a public bus accident, but so are the potential causes of the crash. Whether you have suffered a brain injury in a Dixie Highway TARC accident, a broken bone in a TARC crash on Muhammed Ali Boulevard, or another type of injury on any Kentucky road, it is important to know what caused your crash so that you can get the recovery that you deserve.

Five Possible Causes of TARC Bus Accidents

It is impossible to foresee all of the possible causes of a TARC bus accident. However, some common things that your lawyer will investigate after a bus crash include:

  • How often TARC inspected the bus.
  • Whether routine and necessary maintenance was done on the bus and whether it was done correctly.
  • Whether the bus driver was appropriately trained.
  • Whether the bus driver was distracted, drowsy, or otherwise made a mistake.
  • Whether the bus driver was driving safely given the weather, traffic and road conditions.

Of course, other potential causes of a public bus accident will also be considered so that you can find out what really caused your injury and make a fair recovery.

Why You Need to Know What Caused Your TARC Bus Accident

You may not be liable for the accident or your injuries. The question is: who is responsible? You need to pursue damages against the right person or entity so that you can make the fair recovery that you deserve.

You may also need to act quickly to preserve evidence and to protect your possible recovery. Accordingly, if you have been hurt in a crash then we encourage you to contact us as soon as possible via this website or by phone. We also encourage you to subscribe to our monthly newsletter to receive up-to-date information for Kentucky accident victims and their families.

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