My aunt is in a Kentucky nursing home. I’m comfortable that she is not being abused or neglected, but some of her more valuable items seem to be disappearing. When I write out my letter of complaint, do I term this “abuse”?

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The correct term for what you suspect is exploitation. It refers to taking or using someone else’s belongings—such as money, assets, or property—without the owner’s knowledge or consent. Expanding on this definition, it can also refer to exerting influence with the intention of taking what belongs to the individual. 

The organization Kentuckians for Nursing Home Reform has a list of indicators and examples of exploitation:

  • One of the nursing home staff shows a great deal of interest in one resident.
  • The resident’s money or other personal property is being stolen, or an employee is using lies or trickery to get them.
  • The nursing home has not provided services or goods that the resident has purchased.
  • The resident’s checkbook reveals a suspicious number of checks made out to cash.
  • The resident’s bank statement shows ATM withdrawals that he or she could not have made.
  • Anticipated payments are not being deposited into the resident’s accounts. 

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