My father in Louisville died within a week after undergoing a heart-valve operation. He did not die of heart problems, but of an infection. During an autopsy, the medical examiner discovered a surgical sponge in my father’s chest cavity! I want to get justice. Where do I start?

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I’m sorry for your loss—particularly one that appears to have been unnecessary.

Gather all of your father’s relevant medical records, especially the ones pertaining to his heart condition and the subsequent operation. Now, go online and research wrongful death attorneys in the Louisville area. Gray and White Law is, of course, the one we would recommend; you need to be assured that you have chosen a good lawyer, so read reviews.

Once you have located a lawyer that seems experienced in wrongful death lawsuits, request that he give you a call. That way, you can make sure that this person is someone with whom you feel comfortable talking and in whom you have a strong level of confidence.

Most lawyers offer an initial consultation at no fee. During this meeting, they listen to you present the facts about your situation, look over any pertinent records you have brought in, and give you a fair evaluation of your case, your chances of winning, and the amount for which they recommend you sue.

When someone dies as a result of another person’s actions or negligence, the loved ones left behind are entitled to compensation.

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