My mother was neglected and injured in her Louisville nursing home after a holiday weekend. The regular staff was out and the facility was staffed by temporary workers. Does my mother have any legal rights?

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Yes, your mother may have the legal right to a recovery if nursing home negligence resulted in her injury. Louisville nursing homes, like all Kentucky nursing homes, have a duty to care for residents every day that the resident is in the facility. The duty to care for the resident is the same on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day that it is on every other day of the year. The standard of care owed to your mother does not change simply because the calendar says it is a holiday. 

That said, the reality is that some nursing homes may have an increase in temporary or fill-in workers over a holiday weekend because full time staff may have time off. From a legal perspective, this is insignificant. Your mother may be able to recover for injuries caused by neglect, whether staff members are experienced veterans in nursing home care or brand new temporary workers.

If you believe that your mother has suffered an injury, it is important to get her the medical help she needs and to make sure that she has a safe place to reside where she will get proper nursing care in an environment that is free from abuse and neglect. 

Has Your Loved One Been Injured In A Nursing Home?

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