What are the care requirements for nursing homes in Kentucky?

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Nursing homes in Kentucky must adhere to federally stated regulations and Kentucky Nursing Home Reform acts. Every facility must be Medicare or Medicaid approved. If you think a facility is not in compliance, consult with a Louisville nursing home abuse attorney.

Federal nursing home regulations outline 4 standard rules: 

  1. The facility must provide every resident with services that will allow them to maintain the best possible physical, mental, and psycho-social well-being. They must not be kept in isolation or restricted from others in the facility.
  2. Every resident must be able to upkeep high levels of self-hygiene and opportunities to communicate. Residents are expected to receive skin care to prevent and treat dryness, irritation, itching, sores, etc. If the patient is confined to a bed or chair, he or she must have his or her position shifted every two hours. Each resident will be provided with clean, comfortable clothing.
  3. Every resident must have help if he or she is unable to go about daily activities or acts of self-hygiene. If a resident becomes unable to take care of himself or herself, assistance will be provided to maintain hygiene of his or her skin, mouth, teeth, hands and feet. Furthermore, he or she will receive assistance to bathe entirely at least once a week if not more. If a resident becomes unable to control his or her bowel or bladder, he or she must receive assistance either to the toilet or to be changed by a nurse quickly whenever needed.
  4. All residents have the right to make choices for himself or herself. 

Additionally, the facility must make sure that every patient receives adequate fluid intake to maintain good health. Every patient will also be weighed, have blood pressure taken, temperature, respiration rate and pulse recorded at least monthly.

When nursing homes in Kentucky fail to follow federal and state protocol and the result is abuse or neglect of the elderly or infirm, a Louisville nursing home attorney can work with the victim and their loved ones.

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