Who is liable if my loved one suffers nursing home abuse at the hands of another Louisville nursing home resident?

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If your loved one is being physically abused by another nursing home resident, the nursing home can be held liable. Depending on the case, you may be able to file criminal and civil lawsuits against the nursing home, especially if the physical abuse causes severe injuries or death. A Louisville nursing home abuse lawyer can help you determine your rights. 

Crimes against the elderly often receive special attention because of the impaired mental state of many elderly people. Anyone who intentionally causes pain to an elderly person may face penalties including fines and jail time. 

If the nursing home abuse causes death, the jail sentence can be 5-7 years longer. The actual penalties vary by state. A Louisville nursing home abuse lawyer can give you exact details. 

The main objective of a nursing home is to provide a safe living environment for all residents. However, with many residents living in close quarters, it is common to have some form of physical or verbal abuse from time to time. In fact, physical abuse caused by one nursing home resident to another is more common than you may expect. 

One study performed by Cornell University’s Chronicle Online showed that 2.4 percent of residents experienced some form of physical abuse during a two-week period, with 30 episodes of nursing home abuse verified in just one eight-hour period by nurse-observers. 

Has Your Loved One Been Injured In A Nursing Home?

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