The Signs and Effects of Physical Abuse in a Kentucky Nursing Home

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If you suspect that someone you love is undergoing abuse in a Kentucky nursing home, it’s important to look for telltale signs of abuse and neglect. You’ll want to talk to an attorney immediately at a Kentucky nursing home law firm to discuss filing a nursing home claim.

Signs of Abuse in the Elderly

Having someone you love in a nursing home is a difficult life situation in and of itself. When that someone is neglected or abused, it can cause an enormous amount of grief and anger. 

Unfortunately, sometimes nursing home staff will fail to manage its facility ethically and will neglect treating patients with the care that they’re entitled to. There will likely be recognizable signs that an elderly person has been neglected or abused.

Possible signs and symptoms of abuse include: 

  • bruises;
  • welts, lacerations or rope marks;
  • fractures;
  • wounds and cuts;
  • burns;
  • evidence of medication overdose; and
  • withdrawn behavior.  


Another sign of abuse in a Kentucky nursing home is suspicious caretaker behavior. If a caretaker tries to prevent visitors from seeing the nursing home patient alone, it might denote foul activity.

If any of these signs are present, you’ll want to take immediate action to hold the nursing home liable and protect your loved one from further harm.

Effects of Abuse in a Kentucky Nursing Home

It’s a horrible situation to entrust your loved one to a caretaker, only to have him or her abused, violating all sense of trust. This is when you’ll want to let a Kentucky nursing home law firm help you file a claim and hold the people responsible for their unacceptable behavior.

Elderly patients can undergo several types of abuse, including: 

  • physical;
  • mental and emotional;
  • sexual;
  • financial; and
  • neglect. 

Nursing home abuse affects everyone involved in the situation, often with devastating effects: 

  • Elderly – Victims can suffer varying degrees of physical harm, illness, personality changes and financial consequences as a result of abuse.
  • Family Members – Loved ones often bear guilt and anger over the abusive situation, and may also experience financial hardships as a result of changing nursing homes or paying for additional medical treatments.
  • Nursing Home Faculty – Those found guilty of elder abuse, will experience legal consequences such as a revoked license, fees and a possible jail sentence. 

No family should have to bear the burden of abuse in a Kentucky nursing home. They’re designed to be a place of care and peace, not one of fear or abandonment. Don’t hesitate to contact a Kentucky nursing home law firm if you need to take the next step in filing a nursing home claim.

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