Should Your Doctor Pay for the Costs of Your Child’s Cerebral Palsy in Kentucky?

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You have probably heard of cerebral palsy before, but you may have dismissed it as a genetic condition. But many people don’t realize that cerebral palsy, or CP, can also be caused by problems during the birthing process, such as a doctor waiting too long to deliver the child.

As a result, children who suffer cerebral palsy during delivery in Kentucky may experience lifelong problems, including: 

  • Mental disability. If your child suffered a lack of oxygen to the brain, he may have suffered an intellectual disability. This may cause him to develop more slowly than other children, and he may need extra help taking care of himself or have a hard time communicating his needs.
  • Seizures. Seizures are a common side effect of brain trauma. If your child experiences abnormal nerve impulses, these may cause his arms and legs to spasm and contract.
  • Impaired vision or hearing. Loss of vision may make your child more reliant on a caretaker, while hearing loss can affect his communication, language, and social skills.
  • Speech problems. Children may have a lack of muscle control that prevents them from being understood when they speak, leading to frustration and socialization problems. Speech therapy can help correct speaking disorders and help your child communicate effectively.
  • Changes in the spine. It is common for people with CP to develop spine problems such as scoliosis (tiling or curvature of the spine).
  • Joint problems. Many children with CP will be unable to flex or bend their limbs. Some may even experience contractures, a condition where the muscles have tightened into an abnormal position, causing a deformed appearance. 

While all of these are common side effects of cerebral palsy, the individual symptoms vary from person to person. Your child may need a wheelchair if he has difficulty walking, but that is no reason to suggest his mental development will be affected. Child development specialists can assess your child to explain how his symptoms will affect his life–and what kinds of assistance he may need. 

If your child suffered cerebral palsy at birth, there is help available. The attorneys at Gray and White can help you get compensation from the person responsible for causing your baby’s birth injury, getting your child the help he needs to live a healthy life. Call us today at (800) 634-8767 or fill out the contact form on the top of this page to start your FREE consultation.