The Issue of Over Prescription in the United States (Part A)

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A study done in the summer of 2011 revealed that too many doctors in the United States are responsible for over prescription of drugs. The risks that this carries with it include drug overdose, dependence and negative side effects. You may wish to contact a Louisville medication error lawyer if you believe that medical negligence caused you to suffer serious injuries.

Over Prescription in the United States

It is becoming common practice in many clinics and medical facilities to turn to medication immediately rather than researching alternatives. It is almost easier to write out a prescription, rather than take the time to investigate into other potential medical treatment.

Some believe this is the result of doctors not having enough time to work with their patients. Or it is the patients themselves who insist on medication, no small wonder when the pharmaceutical industry has the upper hand when it comes to advertising prescription drugs.

Yet the decision to write out a prescription could have serious consequences. And this risk applies not only to adults, but also children. 

Many people aren’t aware of the potential for an overdose or serious side effects. When a doctor or pharmacist fails to inform a patient of the risks, a Louisville medication error lawyer can determine if they may be held liable. 

Over prescription is an issue because many Americans are prescribed more than one drug; in some cases, they take several. This raises serious concerns about the safety of mixing different types of medication. Drug interactions could be dangerous and are yet another way that a drug overdose could occur. 

When you believe that a doctor or pharmacist has prescribed medication that was unnecessary and proved to be harmful, you could be eligible to pursue a claim. Contacting a Louisville medication error lawyer at 1-888-450-4456 is the best way to learn what your rights are.