Signs of Nursing Home Abuse in Kentucky (Part B)

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Signs of Nursing Home Abuse in Kentucky: Neglect

Not always as noticeable but just as important are signs of neglect, another form of nursing home abuse in Kentucky. Staff have a responsibility to ensure that your loved one has all of their needs met and if they are not, it could result in an elder abuse claim.

Signs of neglect from nursing home abuse in Kentucky may include: 

  • deprivation of food, water or medicine;
  • administering too little or too much medication;
  • victim is kept in a chair or bed for prolonged periods of time;
  • bedsores;
  • malnourished;
  • personal hygiene is compromised;
  • unsanitary conditions;
  • stiff/frozen joints;
  • listless;
  • infections; and
  • not being treated for a medical condition.  

Signs of Nursing Home Abuse in Kentucky: Financial Abuse

Senior citizens and nursing home residents are also at risk of being financially abused. Their vulnerability often makes them a target of financial abuse.

Some of the signs of financial nursing home abuse in Kentucky may include: 

  • loss of possessions;
  • sudden withdrawals from bank accounts;
  • banking practices unexpectedly change; and
  • a sudden change in a will or other financial documents.  

Of course, a victim’s firsthand account of any type of abuse should be taken seriously. If other patients also express that abuse is taking place, it should be investigated. 

How a Kentucky Nursing Home Abuse Attorney Can Help

Although it is important to file an official complaint to the appropriate parties, it is vital that you don’t stop there. Seeking legal counsel from a Kentucky nursing home abuse attorney is important. They can advise you of your loved one’s rights and what the next step should be.

Has Your Loved One Been Injured In A Nursing Home?

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