Nursing Home Abuse in Kentucky: A Resident’s Rights (Part B)

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When a person becomes a patient in a nursing home or care facility they do not lose or give up the power to make decisions for themselves. Nursing home abuse in Kentucky should be addressed and rectified as soon as possible with the help of a Louisville nursing home abuse attorney.

Nursing Home Abuse in Kentucky: Patient’s Independence

Rights that a patient is entitled to relating to personal decisions and independence within a nursing home facility include: 

  • a right to refuse treatment or deny being involved in an experimental treatment;
  • mentally disabled patients are allowed to have decisions made by a legal  guardian;
  • a right to have access to your records promptly at your request (within 24 hours);
  • to manage your own finances and no facility is allowed to require you to deposit personal funds unto them at any given time;
  • to choose who your personal attending physician is at all times;
  • to personal privacy and confidentiality at your discretion (however a private room to oneself may be unavailable);
  • to receive private mail to be delivered to you unopened and un-tampered with;
  • to have reasonable access to a phone with privacy;
  • to maintain personal possessions while you are in the facility;
  • to share a room with your spouse if he or she is also a resident at the facility; and
  • to self-administer drugs if you so choose. 

If you know of a nursing home that is not treating their patients according to the Kentucky rules and regulations a Louisville nursing home abuse attorney can help. When a patient’s rights are ignored, it is sometimes a sign that abuse or neglect is taking place. A nursing home abuse attorney can investigate the situation to determine if there are grounds for legal action.

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