KY Nursing Home Neglect: Concussions Caused by Falls (Part B)

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Diagnosing and Treating a Concussion

If you believe your loved one has suffered the consequences of KY nursing home neglect and now has a concussion, it may be difficult to diagnose, especially if he or she has other medical conditions (such as Alzheimer’s). The physician will ask the patient a lot of questions, some of which the resident may not be able to answer. 

In addition, the doctor also will perform a thorough exam. If it appears that the injury is mild, the patient still will need to be monitored. This may occur in the nursing home or the resident could be placed in the hospital.

A CT scan may be ordered to rule out any bleeding or bruising in the brain. It will be vital that for the following 24 to 48 hours the patient is monitored closely if he or she has a concussion.

To relieve pain in the neck or head, the resident may be given medication. If over-the-counter medication isn’t strong enough, the doctor may prescribe something else. Unless the head injury is serious, there aren’t any other treatment options available.

Minor head injuries in the elderly should get immediate medical attention. When there is a failure to do this, it could also be considered a form of KY nursing home neglect.

Prognosis of a Concussion

The prognosis will depend on the severity of the head injury. Symptoms may last for days or several weeks. The recovery is often longer for older adults.

In some circumstances there may be ongoing health issues, including a condition called post-concussive syndrome. A concussion in the elderly could also result in permanent disability. 

Because of the potentially serious risks of a head injury, measures should be put in place to help prevent falls in the elderly, or nursing homes may face a case of KY nursing home neglect. A Louisville nursing home abuse lawyer can help determine if this is the situation.

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